Ordinary is out.

We are out of the ordinary.

Competition for media attention is bigger than ever. Anyone wanting to stand out in today’s flood of information has to adopt an unusual approach. Which is where we come in. We stand for unique marketing concepts which are anything but standard. We bring everything that belongs together under one roof and one management. Our years of experience in PR, promotion and social media enable you to reach all relevant channels through one source. All this with one objective: to promote your project in places which will attract maximum attention.

Hot air is for drying your hands.

We provide social media coverage with substance.

Nowhere is there more communication than on the web. Social media are a powerful tool to generate attention and position viral hits. We work out individual communication strategies for your social platforms and efficient ways to reach your communication goals. Themroc has a tailored solution for every problem, every client and every genre, both for basic social media strategies and extensive social media campaigns. We advise you, develop a strategy with you and manage your channels right through to ad placements.

Big bang instead of pop pop.

We make your content great.

Your film comes into the cinemas, is released on DVD and Blu-ray or by a streaming provider and doesn’t receive the attention it should? Our agency has all the necessary contacts among journalists and editors. We secure interviews and ensure that your film is featured and reviewed in the important media channels.

We cover the complete spectrum from series, blockbusters, anime through to arthouse. Our recipe for success is the interlocking of individual marketing components.

Kazé Anime Nights, Familye or The Indian Tomb are examples of the success of our strategy.

Who wants to be in the second row?

We make film events rock.

You want to launch your series in the cinema? No problem. We have contacts at CinemaxX, Cineplex, Cinestar & UCI and can bring selected episodes or films to the big screen for you. With 4 Blocks, we even reached 4th place in the cinema charts. For the second series of 4 Blocks we achieved an organic reach of over 2.5 million on Facebook, not with marketing investment, but simply through the selection and acquisition of suitable media partners. And for the first two episodes of the third series of 4 Blocks, we managed to attract an audience of 15,000 to the cinemas. The success of Anime Nights stands alone. With more than 250,000 visitors in 2019, we established this event as a permanent feature of German, Austrian and Swiss cinema culture. We also acquire optimal media partners for high quality arthouse films. Always with a big impact in the relevant communities and media.

Anyone can get a few likes.

We´ll hit the road with concentrated PR-power.

We offer PR advice not only for actors, but also for musicians, presenters and others in the public eye. Our work also covers social media and comprises communication strategies for all types of channels, both on and offline. For example for Ben Becker, Kamaliya and Madita van Hülsen

Forget mediocre.

Our influencer marketing gets results.

nfluencer marketing plays a central role in the marketing mix. We help to find the right influencers for your film and series. Together we develop a strategy for the optimal integration of both celebrity and micro-influencers. Through our excellent contacts to branded companies, we can also secure barter deals with influencers. For our projects, we work with well-known influencers on all relevant platforms, from Rocket Beans to Stream Wars. We bring niche talents into the spotlight, in other words, from niche to mainstream.

One-dimensional is a one-way street.

We provide the right mix of PR and promotion.

Do we really still need old media? And if everything is digital anyway, is promotion really necessary? Yes to both. Print, radio and TV are still relevant. The golden path is the perfect interaction of all channels. Social media are hugely important but need to be interlocked with classical media, which aren’t as dead as they are often made out to be. In a connected world, communication channels must also be connected.

Concentrated energy for implementation.

our network.

A good network requires a lot of time and effort. We have invested this time over the past years to enable you to save time now. Using our extensive network, we can find the right contact for every thematic focus and the right place for your subject matter.


You may know the feature section from the daily newspaper, but we know the editors and journalists behind every article.


Thanks to us, the net is talking about you. We have close contact with the bloggers, online editors and influencers who are right for you and your product.


We can get you onto all the relevant TV shows, for example onto the important sofas of the current talk shows. In other words, we can reach your target group in their living rooms.


You want to be heard? We have contact to over 1,500 radio editors and journalists and can promote you and your project on air.

Numbers say more than 1,000 words.


Figures speak louder than words. We give you all the facts about our work at a glance. Our brief synopsis shows you what makes us special and highlights our successes, competence and contacts. We are happy to show you results which make us proud.

Cool provincial crime series – quirky characters, gritty story, gentle society portrait. An extremely sophisticated and moving production.

Undercover, Spiegel Online

While the Chernobyl series seems overstaged, despite the thrill of it being based on true facts, in La Zone, even the man-eating zombies are subtle. Their composure and the pragmatism of the series are what makes it so impressive………

La Zona, Süddeutsche Zeitung

With Jan Josef Liefers and Martina Gedeck perfectly cast, this thrilling mini-series sparkles with pitch-black humour and gloriously bizarre characters. The result is a brilliantly quirky and highly-recommendable series.

Arthurs Gesetz, King Magazine

Not only numbers.


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Passionate lateral thinkers.

The Masterminds.

We are passionate lateral thinkers and together we have 50 years of experience in the media, film and music sector. With our competence, experience and passion, together with a creative team of permanent employees and freelancers who understand their job, we will guide you away from the trodden path and explore new ways of attracting the attention you want for your project.


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Nothing comes from nothing.

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